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W e all Decor has become one of the hottest categories in the market for collector value and upgrading the image of one's living environment. Traditionally, people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to decorate their walls with artists' paintings and prints.
A s we enter the new Millennium, the current generation of homeowners and decorators are looking for something that offers a "personal statement", an "individual identity", often "UNIQUE & DIFFERENT." As these ideas are brought into their decision-making, the market has responded with many other forms of wall decorations being introduced to the market.
W e are proud to be one of the companies in the United States to introduce American Handmade three dimensional wall decor with true American culture and spirit. With a special touch of elegance and sophistication, we design and produce beautiful ladies' faces that are divided into the following categories: Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Carnival. Since we design and manufacture from start to finish, we invite customized projects and exclusive designs.
Y ou are the most important part of our company. Our goal for the last twenty years has been to work with you and your store's need including product knowledge, best selling pieces and assortment, individualized customer programs, a full range of colors, and the right selling price points for your market.

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